In the world today, there consists of more than 6,000 languages. Behind these 6,000 languages there are millions and billions of people who speak the top 10, and especially – Spanish. Spanish and English are language that have been named in the top 10, with Spanish progressing throughout the years, as more and more people turn to learning the language. Not only does Spanish help you within Europe, it also gives you the advantage of being able to travel to Latin America. Some parts within the United Sates even speak Spanish, particularly the state Florida, Texas and California.

We are going to briefly outline WHY Spanish is such an important language to learn, and WHY it has been given the statement as being ‘one of the world languages.’

  1. Quite simply, learning any foreign language gives you a head start in the working world. Especially Spanish as it is becoming more and more important regarding business and teaching. For example, in America, Hispanic customers are becoming one of the fastest-growing markets, wouldn’t it be great if you could fluently create a deal or empire?
  2. Travelling is something that everyone must do once, twice or as much as you can in your life. With over 400 million people speaking Spanish natively and a 9 million as a second language. Spanish is spoken natively in 20 countries around the world, giving you a pass to visit Spain or Latin America, and even as said before, places in the United States. The world is your oyster. Speaking languages opens so many doors of new adventures and moments that will last a lifetime.
  3. Learning Spanish is fun! You can learn about the Hispanic heritage! Learn about politics, food, music – you can enjoy a whole new range of films! Whether your intentions are educational, practical or sentimental, learning Spanish is fun!

We encourage you to learn as many language as you possibly can we encourage you to learn Spanish with us!

Nancy Haniford