Alicante is one of the most visited holiday beach resorts in Spain. As it´s perfect for weekend trips, long family vacations or simply a get away with a loved one. From the UK, airlines such as: EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch or Ryanair all offer affordable and cheap flights to get to your chosen destination. The prices of flights vary, and peak normally during August when Alicante is at its hottest.

Alicante has a large range of nightlife on offer, and as it is a beach resort, there are beautiful beaches all along the coast. One to name is Playa de San Juan, which is a 20 minute TRAM ride from the centre of Alicante. Even Benidorm is only an hour away – perfect! However, this post is going to talk about all the mouth-watering delicacies that Alicante has to offer your palette.

According to the website, a blog post by Sarah Farrell outline the top 10 dishes that a foreigner has to taste during their stay in Alicante. Here is our top 5 of some of our recommendations alongside the blog post.

  1. Alicante is popular for its seafood dishes as well as the obvious national Spanish dish – Farrell states that Alicante paella will usually only consist of seafood such as mussels, prawns, octopus etc. and in comparison to the centre of cities in Spain, where the type of paella consists of chicken, rabbit and even snails! The Bomba rice and the saffron add that yellow sparkly look! Paella is something you MUST try when in Spain… if you don´t, have you even visited?
  2. Next is quite simply, a rice fish stock. Simple in name but not simple in flavour. In other words: arroz a banda or in English: it is a term for rice in a side. This dish is slow cooked, so that all aspects of the fish are full of flavour enough to make you keep coming back. This dish includes a bit of monkish, cuttlefish and a sprinkle of garlic and saffron. This dish as Farrell says, is normally “accompanied by the delicious allioli (garlic mayonnaise).”
  3. Vibrant ´denia prawns´- red prawns are next on the list. Although rich in red, also rich in price. These types of prawns are soft and sweet, and taste their best when grilled. Sometimes boiled with sea water, but you´ll find these normally grilled with a piece of lemon to drizzle over the top.
  4. Tasteful Turron is next on the list. Alicante has an increasingly growing amount of almond trees which bloom in the early part of the year. Turron is a soft yet hard, almost like nougat which contains almond nuts, sugar, hugar and a dab of egg to create the creamy consistency. It is traditionally famous during Christmas as it is sweet. It even comes in an ice cream flavour!
  5. The last dish we recommend with the help of the blogs, and some research is Esgarraet which is a cod thick stew. Full of goodness and health fish. It is cooked with red peppers, olives, garlic and a large spoonful of olive oil. The colours all clash but create a beautiful and appetising to the eye dish.

Proyecto Español hope these top 5 dishes, in our opinion, reach the bottom of your stomach and make you want to come back for more! So go on – DIG IN!

Nancy Haniford