The three of us came to Alicante not just because we love the Spanish language but because we also wanted to get to know the Spanish culture better and its people. That’s why we decided to move to Spain for some time and during our research for options on where to go and what to do, we realized that it would be a great opportunity for us to learn Spanish working in a language school. And that´s the story of how Matt, Andrea and Verena met each other at Proyecto Español in Alicante.

Another thing that brings us together, apart from our fascination for the Spanish language, is our fondness for music. As soon as we learned that there was a Spanish music festival in Granada with groups that we like, we decided to go to Granada for the weekend to attend Granada Sound Festival. Before our trip we had to plan some things like “How are we going to get to Granada?” “Where are we going to sleep?”, “What do we have to bring to a music festival in Spain and will be very different than the ones in our own countries? and “What can you see in Granada during the day, when you have such little time after staying up all night at a festival?”

The first doubt was easy to solve. From Alicante there are a lot of ways to get to Granada. In the end we chose BlaBlaCar as it was the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable option for us. The trip was fun as we travelled with two very nice Spanish girls and we laughed a lot in the car. We were also very lucky in terms of the accommodation because Proyecto Español also has another school in Granada with flats for its students and they kindly allowed us to stay in one of them. On the way to Granada we realized that Matt has already become really Spanish and kind of lost his habit as a good Englishman who carries a jacket with him all the time. So he went to the festival without bringing something to wear at night when it started to get colder again around this time of the year. But we also managed to solve this little problem over the weekend.

The festival itself was fantastic because the Spanish really know how to enjoy a good concert and the atmosphere was really great throughout the whole day. A difference that we noticed here, comparing it with the festivals in Austria or England is that here the concerts start later, and that’s why they also last longer sometimes even until the sun comes out again! Because of this it was sometimes kind of hard for us to get up early the next day in the morning to conquer the city.

It was Matt’s first time in Granada and that’s why Andrea and Verena tried to take him to the most famous sites of Granada, but leaving beside la Alhambra for another visit, because this monument needs its time so that you can enjoy it to the maximum.

During our stay we saw the cathedral, walked through the Albayzin with its shops and tea shops, climbed the viewpoint of San Nicolás to enjoy the spectacular views over Granada and the Alhambra and of course we took advantage of the free tapas with every beer we ordered.

In the end we can only say that we agree with Shakespeare who said “Every curious traveller keeps Granada in his heart, even without having visited it.” Because the city really has its own charm and you leave it already wanting to come back again soon.

Matt Read and Verena Latschbacher