With it´s addictive start-stop beat, it’s the genre that originates from Puerto Rico from the late 1990´s. Reggaeton has become a worldwide phenomenon with the thanks to the likes of Justin Bieber. Lyrics from this genre are usually rapped or sang in Spanish, as the music is influenced by Latin America or the Caribbean, and have recently become about sex, drugs and rock and roll, but in a rap style.  The last time a primarily Spanish hit was No. 1 in the US or even the world, was in 1996 when Los Del Rio´s ´Macarena´. 1…2…3… HEY MACARENA!

As said before, the song ´Despacito´ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, featuring a Spanish singing Justin Bieber, broke the music charts as well as recently ´Mi Gente´ by J Balvin.According to an article by Spotify, which is a word wide music streaming app found on your phone or downloadable online, is played to over 61 countries, this app helps create the world wide access that has made reggaeton so famous.

So back to that oh so famous ´Despacito´ song. The song was originally released in January of this year, 2017, and then shortly in April, Bieber collaborated and combined – both songs – to well over 1.4billion streams in the world. This genre has now moved from being isolated, censored and hidden to becoming the No. 1 genre people love in the world. It is played in the majority of the nightclubs in Spain, and sometimes even in the clubs outside Spain. Some could say that this could be the start of people wanting to learn another language, after all, listening to Spanish music or Spanish in general, helps someone who is learning a language improve. However there has been some doubt about the type of words that are either rapped or sang during the song, some may say too explicit, especially as a lot pf people don´t understand, but this hasn´t stopped the denomination of this type of genre.

With thanks to social media, this boom-chika-boom beat has spread globally. It creates a slow and sexy sound. But will it continue or will it disappear as quickly as it came? And will the Summer 2018 song be another reggaeton hit or will club, pop or regular rap come back in full swing?


Nancy Haniford