Skiing in Spain? Impossible, it´s a hot country you tell yourself. Wrong. Not only can you go skiing, with friends or family, but we have a school in Granada. This gives you the opportunity to study, travel and explore the beautiful slopes that are Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada is one of the sunniest areas to go skiing, and on top of being able to ski, the destination is only an hour drive from some of the beautiful beaches on the Costa Tropical and under 30 minutes from the centre of Granada. This location is perfect for students that study with us.

Granada has a lot to offer, as we have labelled it as one of the most beautiful cities situated in Andalucía – as it has one of the most visited places in Spain ¨The Palace of the Alhambra.¨ Granada is perfect for students, with a wide range of nightlife, bars and day activities as well as the University itself. On our website you can find more information on why to choose Granada to study with us. I mean who doesn´t want a ski slope on their door? (

However, we are more captivated by the fact that Granada has it´s very own ski resort. The majority of the skiing areas are on the northern slopes of Veleta, which is the 3rd highest peak in Spain. The resort, Sierra Nevada, offers a total of 107 skiable kilometres, with a 115 runs. 40 are blue runs, 9 black, 50 red and 16 green. This is perfect for all skiing levels. On top of this, for the more adventurous skiers – Sierra Nevada is home to Europe´s largest freestyle snowboard park, known as Sulayr.

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is located right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park. The ski area is split into two main areas: Pradollano and Borreguiles. Pradollano is where all the hotels, restaurants, holiday apartments and most of the ski rental shops are based. Pradollano is divided into three sections; lower, mid and upper, according to the distance from the city centre.

We hope you found this blog piece useful, and all the more reason to choose Proyecto Español as your chosen destination for studying, travelling and SKIING!


Nancy Haniford