They always say that the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in to a brand new culture by listening, or even keeping yourself updated with the news. So, like any country, TV is a worldwide platform for people to spend time together crying, laughing and shouting at programmes that have captured their attention. But what makes Spanish TV so special? And what does it offer for someone who is learning Spanish?

First of all, generally speaking, Spanish TV was launched in October 1956 with the main broadcaster Televisión Español (TVE). Shortly, in 1874 the first colour was broadcasted. Then by 2008, so recently, the amount of Spaniards who own a TV shot up to a whopping 99.7%, nearly the entire population. In Spain, each region has their own regional channels however they all have the same national channels such: Antena 3, RTVE (Canal 24 Horas), RTVE (La 1 de TV) and like Telecinco. These are just 3 of many national TV´s.

However, one of Spain´s highlights and what we would recommend to watch is the one and only –  TELENOVELAS! So what do they exactly have to offer the public? Well, Telenovelas are Spanish soap operas, but episodes are short and consist of everyday life with a touch of drama! In English we describe this as being melodramatic, which means that the acting is over the top and is exaggerated to entertain the viewers. Telenovelas cover a range of topics, from love to friendships to business and politics. They evolve around the 4 main R´s: romance, revenge, redemption and rivalry! A top tip that most Spaniards tell us is that anything can happen – people can come back to life and even star crossed lovers can be related! Weird right? These are highly recommended to watch and once you start watching, you won´t be able to stop.

According the website: – the top 6 best telenovelas for learning Spanish on your own are;

  • Maria la del Barrio
  • La Mentira
  • Te sigo amando
  • Rebelde Way
  • Corazon Salvaje
  • Cataline y Sebastian

We advise you to have a little read at the article and see which one of these Telenovelas tickles your fancy! This is the best way to learn Spanish, might be a little confusing when you start but we feel you´ll get the hang of it in the end!

Nancy Haniford