It is a well-known fact that Spaniards have an incredibly healthy diet. Consisting of sun, colourful fruits, vibrant vegetables and delicious wine, the Spaniards have it all. But what is it that makes it so healthy and delicious? Well according to a recent blog by Spain.Info, the key ingredient to a health Mediterranean is the olive oil.

Olive oil is the main component to a Mediterranean diet. As well as adding a unique flavour and aromas, it is recommended for its health and heart benefits.  Fun fact, did you know that Spain is one of its main producers. The regions of Andalusia and Catalonia are the best known to have produced olive oil in recent times.

The Mediterranean diet is essentially based on fruit, vegetables and dried fruit and nuts. They are bursting with vitamins and fibre, and Spain also stands out because of its produce. Some of the most outstanding agricultural regions are in Navarre, Andalusia, Murcia, Balearic Islands and Region of Valencia. The latter is well-known for its citrus fruits. Other essential fruit includes bananas from the Canary Islands, strawberries from Huelva and Aranjuez (Madrid), Vinalopó grapes, and peaches from Calanda (Aragon), amongst others.

Most importantly, one of the most loved simple dishes is the tasty Spanish omelette.  This classic Spanish dish is very versatile and quick to whip up. The tortilla (or Spanish omelette) can be served hot or cold and is a fantastic way of using up all kinds of ingredients – simply add in any leftover vegetables, crumbled or grated cheese, jarred red peppers or cooked sausage. They’ll all taste great, so get experimenting!

The Mediterranean diet is much more than a healthy recommendation. It is a way of life that involves preparing food traditionally and enjoying it with friends and family, in a calm and relaxed environment. So why not come to Spain, to study Spanish and eat the health Spanish way. Also… did you also know that Proyecto Español has a school in the Catalonia region, Barcelona? What more of a reason to come; enjoy the fresh tasting olive oil and the sun!

 Nancy Haniford