Every year, Proyecto Español welcomes lots of German students. There is such a growing demand in Germany for learning Spanish and that´s why we give them a great opportunity to improve their Spanish with us. At the end of October 2018, a class from Germany followed classes at Proyecto Español for a week, 5 hours a day and enjoyed the area of Alicante with different activities. They came to the school with 31 students and 3 teachers, and we asked them about how it is, to study Spanish in Germany, and what they think is important about learning Spanish.

All of the students study Spanish in in Germany and most of them chose Spanish as a subject because they think it will be helpful in their futures. Other motivations for choosing Spanish as a subject were: ´we had to choose between Spanish and Physics, and I am really bad at physics so Spanish was the better option´, everyone has their own reasons! Also, students chose to study Spanish instead of Italian because Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Most of the students mentioned that the importance of learning Spanish is growing because more schools are starting to offer the language, people are getting more interested in learning new languages and someone also mentioned that Spanish is such a ´beloved language that is becoming more important every year´. When asked about where to use Spanish for in Germany, the students mentioned: ´Spanish restaurants, speaking to tourists, applying for vacancies and if you want to work in Spain one day´. Besides the classes they took at Proyecto Español, they also did a lot of activities outside. You can consider the outside activities as outdoor classes, mixed with leisure time!

To go to university in Germany, you have to pass your ´Abitur´, which is kind of a big final exam. The German students thought this trip would be very helpful for them so that they can improve their Spanish and practice it here, in preparation for the Abitur exam. Someone also mentioned: ´I´m coming out of my comfort zone here at Proyecto Español, and I´m speaking more so I believe my Spanish is getting better and better´. Another advantage of studying at Proyecto Español is that ´not only are you studying the ´official´ language, but you also learn a lot of common phrases that they use in this area and you see a lot of the Spanish culture´.

The students are all back in Germany now and had a very fun and educational week, and who knows, they will visit Alicante soon again!