It is almost December and that means Christmas is just around the corner. The lights in the street are ready to be turned on, the stores are already selling lots of Christmas related products and if you look through the windows of the people´s houses in Alicante, you might even see Christmas trees already! There are lots of activities that will bring you in the mood for Christmas in Alicante and they are definitely worth visiting!

1. On November 30th the Christmas lights will ´officially´ be switched on at 19:30h. Plaza del Ayuntamiento will be full of people and they will bring the whole square into the Christmas ´vibe´.

2. There will be a big 390m2 ice-skating place at plaza de Toros. This is not only fun for small kids, but it can also be really fun to do with a group of friends! Besides the ice-skating, there is also a wipeout ´zone´ and a ´tobogán´. Food and drinks are sold next to the ice-skating place as well, so in between the activities, there is enough time to enjoy a nice hot chocolate or a beer! You can visit this place from December 1st on, until January 6th, and from Monday until Sunday from 10:00 until 22:00.

3. For the people who love Christmas markets, there will be a big Christmas Nativity market at Plaza Séneca from December 17th until the 20th! Lots of food and Christmas products are sold here and the atmosphere is amazing. Besides this market, there will be another one at Plaza de San Nicolas, behind the Cathedral. These stalls will be open from December 1st until January 6th

4. A walk through the streets of Alicante at night might seem boring or exhausting, but when it´s Christmas time, you will be amazed by all the lights and decorations. Big streets like Alfonso El Sabio, Luceros, Av. Maisonnave and the beach areas are full of lights from December 1th on! So gather your Friends, and go for a nice night walk!

5. After Christmas, on December 31st, there will be a big celebration of the ´fin de año´ at plaza del Ayuntamiento. Everyone will eat grapes (because this is a ritual at New Years Eve) and there is a DJ that will play music until 4.30 in the morning! There is no better way to spend New Years Eve than in Alicante!

But first:

Enjoy December, and Feliz Navidad!