Every December, Granada turns into a city full of lights and has a lot of Christmas activities!  Until January 6th you have the time to walk around and take a look at this wonderful city that will definitely be worth it!

First of all, the Nativity Scenes are really special and interesting in Granada. There are so many scenes, that they decided to make a whole route, that is called ´Ruta de Belenes´. From December 11th until January 5th you can visit all scenes on different locations in Granada. Some popular Belenes are:
– Granada Cathedral (opens December 19th)
– Casa de los Pisa (only open on the 24th)
– Granada Town Hall (opens on December 16th)
– San Rafael (opens on December 12th)

The activity that you can´t  miss in December is visiting a Christmas market. At Plaza Bib Rambla and Puerta Real you can find great Christmas markets full of sweets, jewellery and handmade products. Throughout the whole month, you can visit these markets. Just like in Alicante, Granada has an ice-skating place as well! At Calle Torre de la Pólvora you can rent ice-skates, enjoy drinks and get something nice to eat!

On the last Friday before Christmas (21th of December), there is a run through the streets of Granada at night time. All runners wear funny Christmas costumes and many roads are closed because of this. The run starts around 20.30 every year and is really fun to watch!

Another activity that is for free, and fun, is to walk through the big streets at night and watch all the Christmas lights. Streets like: Puerta Real, Gran Via, Reyes Catolicos and other main commercial streets all have amazing lights.

For the people that are staying in Granada for New Year’s Eve, it is also typical in this city to eat 12 grapes at midnight! In Granada you can join this ´event´ at Granada Town Hall. If you want to see firework/laser shows, Plaza del Carmen is the best place to go to at midnight!

Que tengáis un buen semana y Feliz Navidad!