Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

  1. Participants must be at least 17 years old and for the Summer Camp programme at least 12 years old. Any exception to this is subject to special arrangements.
  2. Before enrolling for a course, participants must make sure that there are no restrictions preventing them from participating in a language course in Spain.
  3. The appropriate course fee is shown in the price-list valid on receipt of the application form by Proyecto Español. After receiving the confirmation, the participant has to remit the registration fee of 60 EUR. All bank charges must be borne by the participant.
  4. The contract between the Institute and the participant is finalized and becomes binding when the Institute gives written confirmation of the enrolment. The confirmation can be issued only after receipt of the registration fee. Should the Institute for important reasons not be able to confirm the registration, the registration fee will be refunded in totality.
  5. Should the participant cancel his or her enrolment, the school is only required to refund the course fees (minus the registration fee of 60 EUR) if such a declaration of cancellation is submitted to the school, at the latest, 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the course. If the cancellation is declared less than 3 weeks before the commencement of the course booked, the course and accommodation fees for up to 2 weeks course duration remain due. In case of premature departure because of private reasons, the paid tuition for course and/or accommodation is not refunded.
  6. In extreme cases of misbehaviour or violation of the law, the school reserves the right to expulse the student from the school. The paid tuition for the course and/or accommodation is in these cases not refunded.
  7. No price reduction can be granted for students who start the courses in the middle of a week (because of flight schedules, etc.). School fees for national or local holidays are not refunded.
  8. Should the minimum number of three participants required for a specific course exceptionally not be met at the start of the course period booked, the Institute is entitled to run the course - with regard for the pedagogical objective - in a modified form. Instead of the group course, the school will arrange individual classes for one/two students with a reduced number of the total hours.
  9. Together with the tuition the students have to pay a deposit of 30 EUR which is reimbursed at the departure under the following conditions:
    • Returning of the course-book (can also be bought), in blanc and clean condition.
    • Leaving the room and the respective area in a clean and tidy condition
    • If the student is not in the apartment at the settled time for the handing over, the deposit is not refunded.
  10. At the end of the course all students receive a certificate of attendance (minimum attendance of 80% is required).
  11. Any damage in the accommodation caused by the student has to be reported immediately to the school. If at his arrival the student finds any damage produced by former occupants and doesn't communicate it to the school the first day in class, he will be held responsible for the damage. In case that none of the occupants takes responsibility for a damage, the cost will be divided between all of them.
  12. Regarding the accommodation in an apartment the students have to respect certain rules. In case of extreme disregard the school can expulse the student without any refunds.
    • The celebration of parties in the apartment is not allowed.
    • Having a special attention in not disturbing neighbours and flat-mates between 0 and 8 am.
    • The room, as well as the common area, has to be kept in tidy and clean conditions.
    • Overnight stay is absolutely forbidden to any person that is not registered in the apartment.
  13. The fee for the course does not include any kind of insurance. The participant is himself responsible for taking out health, accident and, if desired, third-party liability insurance.
  14. The participant is liable directly to the aggrieved party for any and all damage he causes. Should the participant cause any damage for which the Institute is held liable, the Institute is entitled to indemnification by the participant.
  15. The Institute does not assume any liability should it be prevented by forcemajeure, or by any other reason for which it is not responsible, from providing its services.
  16. Proyecto Español needs to receive the provided Spanish test, the latest, on the Wednesday right before the course starting date. The students are responsible for doing the test without any help of material or another person. Otherwise, we can not guarantee they will be placed in the correct level, neither the possibility of changing them to a more suitable group once the course has started.
  17. VISA: in case the student receives the VISA to come to Spain to the course registered to, we can not accept any cancelations neither changing the course or the city. In the case of the VISA being rejected, the corresponding fees are paid back after receiving a copy of the documentation that proves rejection.
  18. The Institute is legally domiciled in Alicante.