Proyecto Español has a lot of interns working for them every year. Because of their different languages, cultures and thoughts, they are a great value for the school. The interns are working on different departments like: marketing, teaching, graphic design and activities. I sat down with Rukayah, who is one of the interns that is responsible for graphic design.

Rukayah is working at Proyecto Español for 4 months and goes back home on December 21st. She is 18 years old and is studying Graphic Design in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. When asked about why she chose to do an internship at Proyecto Español she responded: ‘I really wanted to go to Spain because I love it here. I looked online which companies were looking for Graphic Design interns and when I saw Proyecto, I immediately wrote them an e-mail. A skype interview followed right after, and I immediately got super excited to come here.’

Proyecto Español offers their interns to stay in their apartments for a good price, and this was also very convenient for Rukayah. ‘It was really nice that I could move into the apartment right away, and I didn’t have to search for one myself, it is really nice to live together with other people who are from different countries. You can practice your Spanish and English as well!’, she said. Another aspect that she really likes it that there are many interns at Proyecto Español, so you are never alone and you always have someone to hang out with.

The tasks she does at her internship are mostly regarding Graphic Design. ‘I can express my creativity here and really improve my graphic skills. I have a lot of freedom in the creating process and I even designed new flyers that were printed out and sent to schools abroad to promote the school. This felt really special and real because there were hundreds of flyers that I designed!’. Other tasks that Rukayah does during her internship are: making new gift cards, social media content, videos, invitations and advertisements.

The interns can also follow a Spanish course at the school for free, as compensation of their hard work! This was something Rukayah really loved. She said her classes are ‘muy bien!’ and she really improved her Spanish. She loves the teachers and really likes the fact that she’s meeting even more new people in the classes. When asked if she would recommend other people to do an internship at Proyecto she said: ‘For sure!, you will learn a lot about yourself, you learn to improve your skills, you meet lots of new people, you learn Spanish and Proyecto Espanol is an amazing company!’

Rukayah’s favourite experiences in Alicante were: visiting Barcelona with the other interns, cooking together at the apartment and meeting new people. She would definitely come back to Alicante in the future and hopes to live in Spain one day.