When studying at Proyecto Español in Alicante, there is a lot to see and do besides the classes. Alicante has a lot to offer when it comes to nature activities. There are many parks, caves, beaches, mountains and waterfalls to take a look at! So if you like nature and you want to explore the area of Alicante, do not hesitate and visit these next 5 places!

1. Guadalest
This ´park´ is located approximately 20km from Benidorm and is situated on a big mountain. When you walk up the mountain you have a beautiful view all over the reservoir that has an amazing blue colour and is great for people who love taking pictures! There are also some museums in the reservoir area and a small old town which is worth a visit as well!

2. Pink laguna, Torrevieja
Torrevieja is about 1 hour away from Alicante by bus and is also easily reachable by car. The pink laguna is basically a big ´salt-lake´ that has a really pretty pink color. In Summer there are  several tours going past the lake with trains and in Winter you can easily reach the lake by car and drive around. You can even take a swim in the lake and ´float´ on the salty water, which is an amazing feeling!

3. El Palmeral, Elche
If you like palmtrees, this is definitely the best place to go to! With more than 200.000 palm trees, the palm grove in Elche is the biggest in Europe. In this park, you can take long walks, take beautiful pictures, enjoy all different trees and more. There are also small waters where you can sit and relax and even rent a small boat!

4. Playa San Juan
This beach is over 6km long and has a nice boulevard next to it. From this beach, you can take a long walk all the way to ´El Campello´, which is a small and beautiful village. The beach is never too crowded, also not in summer because it has a lot of space. There are restaurants on the beach as well and when the sun goes down there is an amazing view. From Alicante, there is a metro connection that goes straight to playa San Juan every 20 minutes and it only takes about 15 minutes!

5. Algar waterfalls
The Algar waterfalls are only reachable by car and are near to Benidorm. There is a route all around the waterfalls that is about 1.5km long. You can see spectacular waterfalls and lots of waters where you can even swim during summer! The views are incredible and if you like nature, this should definitely be on your ´to go to´ list!

So when you feel like enjoying nature, don´t miss these highlights, and go!