It is finally here, the last season of the major TV series Game of Thrones and we have been waiting long enough. Soon we will know who is going to be sitting on that iron throne and our watch will end. Over the past 7 seasons we have seen breathtaking film locations used for the HBO series. They went to places such as Iceland, Northern Ireland, Croatia and Malta. But, we wouldn´t be writing this blog if they didn´t use a lot of sceneries in Spain. Throughout the series you have been looking at gorgeous landscapes which can be found all over the country.

Locations used in Spain for the HBO series

Curious where? Don´t worry, we got you. Just beware that this blog may contain spoilers if you are still watching the series for the first time and are not up-to-date yet.

Gaztelugatxe: Dragonstone

We start in the north of Spain and probably the most difficult place to pronounce, Gaztelugatxe. The name in the series is much easier to say and we know it under the name ´´Dragonstone¨. This volcanic island is connected to the mainland by a bridge and it is this bridge that is used when John Snow and his party are going to meet the mother of dragons, Daenarys. (Season 7)

Sevilla: Dorne

From the north we go all the way to the south, to Dorne… I mean Sevilla. The city of Sevilla has been used over the past few seasons to portray the land of house Martell. The beautiful palace used for the series is called ´´Real Alcazar¨ and you can walk through the lovely gardens with your own family or friends to plot your next move on getting the iron throne.  (Season 5)

Girona: Kings Landing

Next up is a stunning looking cathedral in the city of Girona. This cathedral can be seen in the series as the Great Sept of Baelor, which is ultimately blown to pieces with wildfire by Cersei Lannister. Lucky for us, the real cathedral is still there and still can be visited. Also mention worthy is that Girona is used as a filming location for other parts of Kings Landing and Bravoos. (Season 6)

Guadalajara: Tower of Joy

In one of the most significant plot-twisting visions of the whole series, the Game of Thrones film crew went to the Zafra Castle in Campo de Duenas, Guadalajara. To us fans it is better known as the Tower of Joy. It is this tower that is used for the vision of Bran Stark where he follows his father into the spire and where we all get know the real identity of John Snow. (Season 6)

Also worth your while to visit are the roman bridge of Córdoba doubling as the bridge of Volantis, the bullring in Osuna as the fighting pits, the castle of Trujillo used for Casterly rock, the old town in Caceres representing the free city of Essos and Almeria, which was mainly used for portraying the lands of the Dothraki. There are so many places to visit in Spain in which you can feel like a Game of Thrones character, that you can actually plan a whole road-trip with your friends. Don´t forget to have your monologues ready and make sure you get the best shots of yourself.

Happy viewings everyone and remember, stick ´em with the pointy end.

                                                                                                 – Ben Rutjens.