Discover 5 interesting facts about Barcelona you probably did not know.

Barcelona could have been home to the Eiffel tower.

The iconic landmark of Paris is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the whole world. Nowadays, you cannot imagine Paris without it. But, before May 6th 1889 people could. In fact, the original city for the Eiffel tower was Barcelona. The people of Barcelona thought it would be a disgrace to the skyline of their city and rejected mister Eiffel´s idea. Therefore, Gustav had to find a new place for his artwork and found a home in Paris.


Barcelona is among the world´s most bike friendly cities.

Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city and it has a lot to offer. The Sagrada Familia, Mont Juïc, Parc Guëll, La Rambla, etc. But, because of the size, it will take you a long time if you are going to visit all of it by foot. So, what would any sensible person do? Rent a bike. Not so long ago there weren´t as many bikes in the city as there are now and BCN developed a network of cycling lanes and quiet side streets. With a wide offer of bike tours, this place emerged as a top player for bike friendly cities


Barcelona is older than Rome.

It is claimed that the city of Barcelona is older than the capital of Italy. Legend says that the city was founded by Hercúles, 400 years before the Rome was built. Other people say that the foundation of the city links to the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca. He supposedly named the city Barcino in reference to his family.


Barcelona is the only city that received a gold medal for architecture.

First it was Charles Robert Cockerell, later Oscar Niehemeyer and this year it is Nicholas Grimshaw. These names may not mean anything to you, but they have all received a gold medal for architecture. The winner of the year 1999 is known by us all, namely, Barcelona. This achievement is quite unique as it was the first time the medal was given to a city instead of a person and it hasn´t happened since.


Barcelona beaches are artificial.

Well not entirely of course, but for the 1992 Olympics Barcelona expanded and upgraded their beaches so they could host the games. Because of this, the Barceloneta beaches are now among the top 10 of the world. Barcelona has 7 beaches with a coastline of 4.5 kilometres.