When visiting one of our language schools, you surely want to explore the area and we encourage you to do so. We organize trips for you each week and you are welcome to join them. But, sometimes you want to explore cities by yourself or with friends and family that are visiting. We totally understand that. We also understand that, when you are studying at Proyecto Español for more than a couple of weeks, you don´t want to do the same thing multiple times. That is why we would like to give you some inspiration on what you can do in the area.

By inspiration we don´t mean the top 10 things that you already read on the first 3 links when you search on Google; ¨What to do in Alicante¨: visit the castle, go to the beach, and stroll at the Mercado… duh. So, if you want to know some unusual activities to do, here are 3 for Alicante and Barcelona. Activities for Granada and Madrid, you will have to wait until next blog.


Beer spa

In Alicante there is a beer spa, they say that taking a beer bath will bring you luck and will take away all negativity in your life. While taking a bath in one of the barrels you can enjoy your own beer and taste snacks. After that you can go to the beer sauna and finally, relax on a bed of barley. There is also a beer spa in Granada.


If you are not afraid of heights and somewhat of a thrill-seeker, paragliding is a great option to get your dose of adrenaline and satisfaction. Fly like a bird and enjoy the amazing sights of the Alicante mountains and the Mediterranean sea.

Neon Paddle boarding

Not just regular paddle boarding… Neon paddle boarding! At playa San Juan you can book a tour where you will leave when it gets dark outside and the only lights you have are the ones from your board. They also offer other trips like a sunset trip or you can share one big paddle board with your friends for 4 to 8 persons.


Be a model

With so many beautiful sights and astonishing buildings to admire, you are bound to take a lot of pictures when you visit Barcelona. Being the only city to achieve a gold medal for architecture, this place is a Walhalla for your Instagram feed. By booking this tour you will not only visit the best spots in town, you will also have great shots to launch your modeling career.

Explore a volcanic zone

A little farther away from the city center there is a nature park called La Garrotxa. The entrance is free and there are almost too many things to discover for just one day. The park has 20 volcanic cones, more than 20 lava flows, swimming holes, Romanesque churches and even a ritual bath used for Jewish ceremonies.

Take a drink in -14˚C

If you want to escape the Barcelona heat you can find some shade in a park or take a splash in the sea. But, that would be too obvious for this blog. Take it a step further and ´´chill´´ in an ice lounge decorated with hand carved sculptures by international artists. With an 80´s theme going on this year, the ice bar is definitely the ´´coolest´´ place to visit.

– Ben Rutjens