Just like we promised, here is the second part of what to do in when you are looking for something adventurous. This time we take a look at the things you can do when you are staying in Granada or Madrid. So let´s just get right to it.


Canyoning río verde

Crystal clear waters, ravines and waterfalls are what lie ahead when you are taking on this adventure. In Granada there are many of these tours that you can book and every one of them has a different level, making it a perfect choice to get your kicks. Canyoning can be done all year and if you don´t get enough adrenaline from this, you can also go rafting.

Go night skiing

This may not be the first thing that pops up in your mind when think about Spain. But, you can actually go skiing in this part of the country. In Sierra Nevada there are several ski rental shops at which you can rent skiing gear for a day. On Saturdays nights, if the weather allows it, you can go night skiing.

Safari tour

Going from skiing to taking a safari, can it get any more diverse than this? Enjoy a day from the best viewpoints that the Sierra Nevada has to offer and get off-road in 4×4 vehicle. Pass white mountain villages, lakes, old Mediterranean forests and snowed mountains. Get a close encounter with wildlife and have a drink at the highest peak of Spain with panoramic views.


Spotting eagles

At less than 2 hours from Madrid, so not exactly a casual afternoon activity, there is the Sierra de Gredos. This nature park is favored by many Madrileños as a great weekend getaway. The gorgeous snow-capped landscape has multiple hiking routes to offer, stumbling across frozen lakes and stunning viewpoints. During those hikes you may be accompanied by eagles, kites or vultures.

Canyon kayaking

Not only does Madrid have the snow-capped landscapes we were talking about, the area also has one of the most beautiful surroundings which you can see when you make your way through the canyons. The swirling Duratón River is home to one of the largest population of griffon vultures in Europe and you are most likely to see them during this trip.

Rock climbing

From hopping through the water, skiing, hiking, kayaking and even a safari tour in a 4×4, wouldn´t it be nice to go vertical as well. The mountainous area around Madrid is a great scene to practice some rock climbing. With a big variety of climbing routes, this experience combines a healthy portion of adrenaline mixed with the most stunning views.

And there you have it; we hope we have given you some inspiration about what to do when you are staying in Spain. If you are to go on one of these trips, don´t forget to send us some pictures!

Ben Rutjens