Learning a language is challenging, but satisfying. Hours and hours go into studying the grammar and practicing with native speakers is something you cannot do on a regular basis. However, it is extremely helpful to listen to people who have Spanish as a native tongue. You will not only learn how to pronounce specific words and how to formulate good sentences, you will also learn colonial phrases and slang.

Having said that, what better way to combine learning and entertainment than watching a movie. To help you with selecting one to watch, we created a small list of different movies to improve and practice your Spanish, while enjoying the stories on screen. All of the movies can be found on Netflix. After the movie title, you can see the accent that is spoken in and the genre of the movie.

Contratiempo / Spanish / Thriller-mystery

This movie is suspenseful onto the last second. With literally having you on the edge of your seat until the movie ends, Contratiempo will have you captivated with its twists and turns. The movie is about an entrepreneur that has only hours left to prove his innocence in a murder case in which he is a suspect.

Roma / Mexican / Drama

This Oscar winning drama gives a look into the life of a middle-class family maid, set in Mexico City in the year 1970. Awarded with 5 stars by the world´s biggest media and news channels such as the BBC, Daily mail, Rolling Stone and independent. It is also the winner of best picture in the 2018 Venice film festival. ¨A richly textured masterpiece¨.

Carteristas / Colombian / Crime

A simple, but entertaining film about teenagers who roam the streets of Bogota and pickpocketing whatever they can. When they encounter a former pickpocket master, they learn all about the art of trickery and deception to become masters themselves. Though it is very predictable, it is still fun to watch.

Soltera coicidada / Peruvian / Comedy

Want to have a laugh? This movie is a hilarious story about a girl who tries to get over a break-up. To cope with it she starts writing a blog about her single life. Not knowing that the blog turns out to be a huge success, she fights her way through the various stages of the break-up. Doing so, she can count on the help of her friends.

La noche de 12 años / Uruguayan / Drama-biography

Based on a harrowing true story, this movie tells the tale about the once president of Uruguay, José Mujica. He and other political imprisoned figures fight to survive 12 years of solitary confinement and torture in a secret military operation. A beautiful picture of human nature and the will to survive.

7 años / Spanish / Drama

If you really want to listen to some Spanish dialogue, this is the movie to start with. Shot entirely in one single room, four friends have to make the decision of who goes to prison after committing a crime. Excellent performing and interesting from start to finish.

El cuidadano Ilustre / Argentinian / Comedy

A Nobel-prize winning author living in Spain accepts an invitation to collect a prize in his Argentinian hometown. He used his hometown and its citizens in many of his novels as inspiration. When he returns he discovers that not everybody is happy with that. The movie is a very entertaining dark comedy with many unexpected events and an unexpected twist.

Of course, these 7 movies aren´t the only ones you can find on the film-streaming service. We wanted to give you the best mixture of various genres and different accents throughout Latin America. We hope you enjoy these movies, but, more importantly, learn from them. Suggestions from your part are more than welcome. Just leave us a comment on the link on Facebook or LinkedIn!

– Ben Rutjens