Drumrolls please…., and the answer is….. Spain!

Out of the 50 countries in Europe, Spain has taken the top position. On a global level Spain has reached the 2nd position. This is, to be honest, a very impressive achievement.

Education.com is an online platform that held a questionnaire among 20.000 different international students.

They asked what their favorite place is to do a study abroad. Students chose country above a specific university or program. The rankings were based on several criteria which included: Experiencing a new culture, to have an adventure, to achieve career goals and most importantly for students, making new friends. All of these criteria will be guaranteed to you when you have an ‘’intercambio’’ here in Spain.

The culture of Spain is very accommodating.

The quality of life in Spain has taken a #3 spot and among a survey of expats, 89% are happy with their choice of moving to Spain. Could it be the oh so welcoming Mediterranean sun, the delicious food they have or their relaxing way of living? Well guess what, it’s all 3. As a Dutchman writing this, I know that the Dutchies are always complaining about the weather because it’s always raining, too cold or too hot. Spaniards can complain too. When there is a day without clear sunshine or when it’s below 25 degrees it’s considered a cold day. Yes, you read that right, below 25 degrees. “¡Qué frio!”.

With approximately 60.000 international students you´ll be guaranteed to make friends here.

Coming from all over the globe there will always be someone to hang out with and to explore the city. Spain also has an excellent public transport network which allows you to travel the country very easily. Whether you like the beach, the mountains or ski-ing, Spain has it all and you are bound to have thrilling adventures.

Just to give some ideas of what you can do:

Kite surfing of Tarifa, Surfing along the northern coast, paragliding in Tenerife, Caving in Andalusia, mountain biking in Granada, scuba diving in the Mediterranean and a whole lot more.

If you a little more into the ´´tranquilo´´ stuff, you can experience the Spanish culture in the countless museums. Admire the artworks of Dalí, Picasso and Gaudí. To top it all off, Spain has a serious football culture. Going to see a match of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, etc. is something you have to do. Even if you don´t like football, feeling the vibe in one of these stadium is a must.

Besides having the time of your life, career-wise, speaking the Spanish language opens a lot of doors for your future job.

Where most countries do speak English, Spanish is an official, national, or widely spoken language in 44 countries, including the United States. This makes sure that in whatever field you will be working, you are going to encounter the Spanish language and will have an advantage when you can understand it. Also worthy to mention is that Spanish is considered to be the most romantic language because of its passionate and sensual sound. So if you want to impress your ´´cariño´´ or crush, Spanish is the way to go.

I could go on like this and talk so much more about why Spain is such a great country. I imagine that you are already packing your bags and booking a flight. Not so fast though, you still need a good excuse to go. We can help you with that by offering a Spanish course! Go to https://proyecto-es.com/en and see what the best course is for you.

– Ben Rutjens