Probably the most familiar school amongst our students and also were our headquarters is located, is the one in Alicante. Alicante, the city of light, home of the Santa Bárbara castle and the relaxing 3 kilometer long San Juan playa. No wonder this place is one of the favorites to spend your holidays. But, did any of you know the following 5 facts about the city of Alicante? Discover them here!

The explanada de España is paved with more than 6.6 million marble stones

One of the city´s most popular sites is without a doubt the explanada, which ends close to the beach. The ¨paseo¨ is decorated with small marble tiles and is lined with more than 400 palmtrees.

The costa blanca is made up as a promotional gimmick

La costa blanca of the province of Alicante is 200 kilometers long and has wide sandy beaches and amazing views. The name was supposedly made up by a British airline to promote flights from England to the costa. For anyone who has seen the aerial view of the costa blanca, the name is surprising.

Romans used to call the city ¨Lucentum¨

Lucentum is the Roman predecessor of the city of Alicante. Lucentum means ¨city of light¨. It refers to the archaeological site in which the remains of an ancient settlement lie, in the neighborhood of Albufereta. The local basketball team is also called Lucentum.

The Santa Barbara Castle overlooking Alicante is 166 meters above the seashore

Everyone who has visited Alicante knows the infamous castle Santa Barbara. The castle can be reached by foot, but many people choose the comfort of the lift service. Why? Well, because it is quite high. 166 meters to be exact.

The gothic church of Santa Maria is built over a former mosque

The Santa Maria is the oldest active church in Alicante, Spain. It was built in Valencian Gothic style between the 14th and 16th centuries over the remains of a mosque. In 2007, by request of the city of Alicante, the church was promoted to the rank of basilica.