Picnic mat

When going to whether the costa or the urban cities, Spain has a lot of beautiful places where you can spend the afternoons. You can hang out on the beach, eat a sandwich in the park or get invited to hang out with your friends somewhere in the city. But, just when that happens you are wearing your brand new white pants and you don´t want it to get stained. Luckily, you came prepared with your picnic mat and you get to save yourself from all the smudges.

Vest or jacket

When I say Spain, you think: Sun, good weather, heat, shorts and flip-flops. Well, you are right, but night time in Spain can get super cold. When the sun sets in Spain and you have your vest or jacket that you can wear, you are going to be very happy… and warm more importantly.


So coming back to those flip-flops I mentioned before, at the beach they may be fine, but when you go eat something at a restaurant when coming back from the beach you could get some funny looks. At night time you will freeze your toes of. Also, flip-flops make you stand out as a tourist. But, I can imagine that you don’t want to take an extra pair of shoes with you when exploring the city. The answer to have appropriate shoes for each situation? Espadrilles.

Beachball set

You can already imagine it. Parading down the boulevard on your way to the beach, wearing your brand new espadrilles of course. You enter the beach and you pick a nice spot to place your towel (or picnic mat). After an hour you did some sunbathing, some swimming and well… now what. You break out your gear and challenge your friends to an intense beach ball stand-off. That’s what.

Waterbottle with filter

You win the game of beach ball, the sun is setting and night is coming quickly. You make your way home and all that exercise has made you thirsty, but you already drank all the water you brought. Then you remember that you saw a water tap on your route home. Although you can drink Spanish tap water, it can contain a lot of chalk or other contamination. With a water bottle with filter this problem is easily solved and you are contributing to the environment by avoiding plastic bottles.


As you get home you are longing for a shower to freshen up. After finishing you step out of the shower and you almost get a heart attack because there´s a giant red lobster in the bathroom! But, on second look, it’s just you. The Spanish sun is fierce and one might forget to put on extra sunscreen (personal experience). Don´t be stubborn and pack some after-sun. You will be grateful when you have it in the time of need.

– Ben Rutjens