Today I met with Viktoria, a 16-year-old Russian student who has been participating in our Summer Camp for 2 weeks, to hear about her experience in our school of Spanish.

Our summer Spanish course for teenagers is a program aimed at total linguistic immersion, as the students have 4 hours of classes in the morning, activities in the evenings and excursions at the weekends. Also, the complete program includes full-board accommodation with a Spanish family that lives near our school. The students can choose the complete program or just a part, like, for example, Viktoria did – she chose the day program that only includes the classes and the evening and weekend activities. For convenience, she added lunches with a host family.

Viktoria chose our Summer Camp for a month, because she wanted to take advantage of her family holiday in Spain and learn Spanish, to live in Spain one day. She explains that she takes her love for Spain after her mother, who speaks Spanish and has always been taking her to Spain for summer holidays. This month they rented an apartment in Alicante so that she could sleep with her family and be closer to home. She has lunch with a host family every day, this way she shares and lives the experience of the Spanish life and culture. Viktoria tells me that the host family is amazing and that the lady is very friendly and cooks great. There´s also some girls from the school at their house, and she gets on with them well.

Viktoria takes part in Spanish classes in the morning Monday to Friday and is very happy with them. The groups are small and organized by level, and she is in B1!. She tells me the teachers are awesome, very friendly and fun. In addition to that, they change every week, so every week you not only learn new things but you also learn them in a new way, since every teacher has their own style and prepares different classes. The students also change almost every week, and so during her first weeks Viktoria met many people from all over the world and made some true friends. What Viktoria enjoys most are the grammar classes, because that´s what she needs most and she also tells me the teachers she´s had taught grammar in a fun way.

During her stay in Proyecto Español Viktoria has also taken part in evening activities, like sightseeing, museums, the Santa Bárbara castle, as well as water activities, and visiting neighboring towns. Viktoria enjoyed the water activities, because she had never surfed nor tried paddle boarding before. She´s happy with those activities as they also taught her a lot of day-to-day vocabulary and many things about Spanish culture, since the activities are organized and supervised by native Spanish speakers.

All in all, Viktoria is very satisfied with her stay in Alicante and especially with Proyecto Español because of our teachers, the classes and the atmosphere. She tells me that she´s hoping to come back to Spain next year, maybe somewhere a bit more Southern, so she can get to know another region. See you in Granada!

Léa Belingand