With a blog about Spanish movies on Netflix, surely enough we would come with another one about series. Because, obviously, there are lots of series on Netflix and a lot of them are in the Spanish language. You might think we are going to write about the most notorious series there are on Netflix like ¨La Casa de Papel and ¨Narcos¨(Colombia and Mexico), but if you haven´t watched these series yet, why do you even have Netflix. Like the one with the movies we created a list with various accents and different genres. So without further ado, we present the 7 series to practice your Spanish.

Edha / Argentinian / Thriller

Set in the city of Buenos Aires, this somewhat erotic thriller is about a successful fashion designer and single mother. Her life turns upside down when she meets a mysterious man and is pushed to her limits with revenge, passion and dark secrets.

Fariña / Spanish & Latin American mixture / Crime

An honest fisherman from Galicia gets involved in smuggling of tobacco. When he arrives in Panama he gets a new, more lucrative business proposal. Based on a novel of Nacho Carretero, this series of the golden 80´s is an exciting and suspenseful must watch.

Club de Cuervos / Mexican, Peruvian, Argentinian, Spanish / Comedy with drama

When a boss of a football club in Mexico dies, a feud between his son and daughter begins. They fight about who gains control of the football club. Because of the international cast, a big diversity of accents is what makes this series an excellent choice for Spanish learners. That is also why it made it to our list.

Nicky Jam : El ganador / Puerto Rican / Biography and music

We probably all know at least one song of the famous reggaeton artist Nicky Jam. We only see the glamorous side of his career, but this dramatized documentary gives a real inside look of the singers’ life. Not only selected because of the Central American accent, but it is actually interesting to see the rise of a superstar. All with great music too…

La Cathedral del Mar / Spanish and Catalan / History

One of Spain´s most popular works of literature converted into the world of Netflix. This particular series takes place in the medieval times of Barcelona and is therefore an interesting choice to include in our list. Not only because you can recognize parts of the city, but also because they speak Catalan in some parts. A captivating plot, well written and extremely binge-watchable.

Cuatro estaciones en la Habana / Cuban / Detective

An outstanding detective mini-series, which follows a lieutenant in the Havana police department and the crimes he solves. The melodic Cuban accent is something to fall in love with and the scenery is just amazing. Awarded with great reviews for the excellent performances by the actors, this series really complements our list.

Gran hotel / Spanish / Soap

A compelling and suspenseful Spanish story of a family-owned hotel set in 1905, which is scene to love, blackmail, jealousies, crime, comedy, plots, counter-plots involving the owners, customers, detectives and its residential employees. A Spanish version of Downton Abbey that does not fail to entertain with its absurd plots.

Although we have completed the list, we cannot end this blog without having an honorable mention of the series ¨Velvet¨ and ¨Las Chicas del Cable¨. As they did not make our list, they are considered to be favorites for Spanish learners. Both of these series are set in Madrid, one of them in the 50´s and the other one in the 20´s. For our Madrid students this is also a nice option to see if they can (still) recognize some parts of the city.

Remember that Netflix content varies with each country and you might not find all series in your home base. Like the blog with the Netflix movies, we know that there are more Spanish series on the website. So, if you have a suggestion about a Spanish series we should watch, leave us a comment!

– Ben Rutjens