10 Typical Spanish Meals

Spain is known for many things such as its culture, monuments, beaches and sun but also for its gastronomy which is famous all over the world. Sure enough, the gastronomy produces a range of fresh and flavorful products. Spain is rich of healthy food because there are many local farmers with fruit harvest and sea fishing. In this country, eating is a time that is spent with loved ones. But like in all other countries, Spain has many specialties you shouldn´t miss during your stay. So we have made a list of 10 typical dishes you have to try.

  1. La Paella

A typical dish from Valencia, eaten with family during the holidays, it is served as a main meal for sharing and has many different varieties. Consisting of rice, it can be found with chicken, seafood, vegetables, and also with sepia (cuttlefish ink). At Proyecto Español, you can participate in a course where you learn how to make traditional paella so you can prepare it for your friends. You can see a photo here: https://proyecto-es.com/en/resources/photos/activities-in-proyecto-espanol

  1. La Tortilla

A dish made of eggs and potatoes; la tortilla came about at a time when eggs were very expensive so adding potatoes meant fewer eggs were needed. Nowadays, it is eaten as tapas, as a side dish or in a sandwich. Available in different varieties, some include onion, cheese or vegetables. If you want to try this dish, there are lots of restaurants close to the school that serve la tortilla. There are so many different types to everyone’s liking. https://proyecto-es.com/en/resources/photos/activities-in-proyecto-espanol

  1. El Gazpacho

A cold soup eaten as a starter on a terrace in the sun during summer. With a tomato sauce mixed with other vegetables, it is a good way to cool down when it is hot. Originally from Andalucía, you can now find it all over Spain.

  1. El Cocido Madrileño

If you go to Spain during the winter, it is the time to try this dish. It is made of chickpeas, vegetables, chicken and bacon and it originates from Madrid. Served on three separate plates: the first comes with a stock which is made whilst cooking, the second consists of chickpeas with vegetables and potatoes and the last plate includes the meat.

  1. El Pulpo a la Galega

As its name indicates, it is a dish made of octopus and originates from Galicia. It is made up/ composed of the whole octopus, which you then cut into smaller pieces like 1 cm. This dish is served as a tapa with olive oil and pepper on the surface.

  1. Los Empanadas

It is a typical dish from all Spanish-speaking countries; which consists of a fine dough of bread, broken dough or puff pastry dough filled with meat, fish, vegetable or fruit, which is baked or fried. There is a lot of variety and it can be bought at a bakery. Our cafeteria in Alicante has empanadas too, so you can try one during your break to regain strength.https://proyecto-es.com/en/resources/photos/activities-in-proyecto-espanol

  1. Las Patatas Bravas

“Patatas bravas” are chopped potatoes in the shape of irregular dice, which are fried in oil and served with a sauce. This sauce consists of pepper; it’s piquant and is called salsa brava. This dish can be found all over Spain and is accompanied by beer or wine. Generally it is considered as the cheapest tapas.

  1. Los Churros

This plate is a famous sweet all over the world; it consists of flour, oil, water and salt. Then the dough is straight in the shape of a baton and fried. Eaten for breakfast or snack, it can be accompanied by sugar, chocolate or cream with coffee with milk or a hot chocolate.

  1. La Tarta Santiago

Traditional from Galicia, “La Tarta Santiago” is a cake which is searched for in all pantries in Spain but particularly in July and the first week of August during the feast of St. Jacques. Representing the inspection of pedro de Portocarrero at the University of Santiago in 1577,”la tarta Santiago” is in honor of the patron saint of Spain. The cake consists of sugar, eggs and almonds. Characteristic for the “tarta Santiago” is the cross represented in the upper part of the cake with icing sugar.

  1. La  Crema Catalana

This desert is composed of a pastry cream with milk, eggs, sugar and a little bit of lemon and cinnamon. After cooling down, it should be covered with sugar and it burns with a hot iron. Traditionally this desert is served during St. Josephs in Catalonia on March 19.

Extra: La Sangría

It is not a dish, but a typical drink of Spain. “Sangria” is composed of wine, fruits (particularly orange and lemon) and liquoir. It is a very popular drink in Spain, because it is very refreshing. Our schools are in the centre of the city, so after your classes you can go to a bar and have a drink on the terrace with your friends, and thus enjoy Spanish life. https://proyecto-es.com/en/resources/photos/activities-in-proyecto-espanol