The important monuments

Our school is present in 4 cities of Spain where you can see many famous and important monuments. Today, we’re going to talk about the most important monuments that you should not miss during your trip. In addition, you can visit these buildings with Proyecto Español during the weekly activities.


1/ Barcelona


First one is, La Sagrada Familia, which is a famous basilica throughout the world. It was built by Antonio Gaudí in 1882, but still remains unfinished. This building is very impressive and has many stories, which is why I advise you to go with us, so we can explain everything. It is the ideal place to take a beautiful photo because the combination of the light with the colours of the windows is exceptional.



Park Güell is also created by Antonio Gaudí during the 1900s. It has two parts: a free one that allows you to enjoy the park and where you can have a view of the entire city of Barcelona. And a paid part where you can see the salamander sculpture and the mosaic sofa. If you are adventurous, you could climb the rocks to see the city from above.


MontJuic is a castle that is on the hill MontJuic and it is 170m above sea level. You can visit the castle if you have the time but, you can also simply go in the city to see the fountains and their show with light and many colours.

2/ Madrid

Las Arenas de las Ventas is the most famous arena in Spain and attracts more than 23 thousand people every year. It is the second largest in the world with a 61.5m ring. You can visit the building every day.







El Arco de la Victoria is a triumphal arch, built after the Spanish Civil War to celebrate the victory of Francisco Franco. This arch is 49m high.



Palacio Real de Madrid is the official house of the King of Spain; The palace has 135,000 square metres of floor space and contains 3,418 rooms. It is the largest functioning royal palace and the largest by floor area in Europe. Inside it has a very large cultural heritage, has many instruments of music, paintings, sculptures … You can see all this as it is open to public.



3/ Granada




La Alhambra is a palatine city and is a major monument of Islamic culture. It is the most famous in the world. The building is divided into 4 parts: the Alcazaba, the Nasrides Palace, the Generalife with its garden and the Palace of Charles Quint.







La Puerta de Elvira was the main access of the city of Granada during the Islamic domination. It is one of the oldest doors in the world.



4/ Alicante


Castillo de Santa Barbara is a castle that sits on the Benacantil Mountain, which is 167m high. From the castle you have a view of the entire city of Alicante and you can take beautiful photos. From the sun, you can see the face of a man that’s called “the face of the Moor”.




El Barrio de Santa Cruz is the old quarter of the city with colourful houses and typical of the eighteenth century. In this neighbourhood there is also the temple of the Basilica of Santa Maria which is the oldest in the city.



La plaza de los Luceros is the emblematic square of the city with a beautiful fountain that represents 4 cableros that means the 4 seasons and the 4 forces of nature, the stars on their heads represent the connection between the sun and the sky. This fountain makes a show of light and water during the summer. Now this square is a point of appointment for the celebrations of Alicante.