OH….. Alicante is the city that will never stop surprising me. he idea of ​​this pedestrian “little avenue” full of shops, popularly known as Calle de las Setas, was realized thanks to one of the artists of the bonfires of Alicante, Don José María Escriva, who turned San Francisco Street into one of the most famous in the city, also loved by instagramers. To be honest, this was the site where I found a piece of information about this place. The popular Calle de la Setas, Calle San Francisco, is a pedestrian street in the center of the city of Alicante that connects the Portal de Elche with the Plaza de Calvo Sotelo.

During the last years of the 20th century, the street had a gloomy appearance, with a very poor state of preservation, and suffered from a high level of citizen insecurity as street prostitution and illegal businesses run by Maghrebi immigrants were really common. I would never say so, though. It was not until the first decade of the 21st century when the city council began to propose solutions to solve the problem, such as the closure of some businesses. They also wanted to refresh the image of the street. At the end of 2013 Alicante government decided to put there, large mushroom figures. The ground was painted green and yellow and some hopscotch was drawn. Despite the initial controversy (the cost of the investment was around 60,000 euros), the street is attracting the attention of tourists and the increase in new businesses Is really visible. Since then, the street is popularly known as Calle de las Setas.

I think it was an amazing idea and I really like the image that the street represents. Not only kids can have fun here! Moreover, El Botigues al Carrer festival, when dozens of shops put stalls with their products to the street while offering discounts, promotions and performances, takes place on that street, bringing life and colour in this corner of Alicante.

– A. Homańska