The best Instagram pages for practising your Spanish!

By now, many of us use Instagram every day, whether for leisure or for work. Instagram is suitable for many things, for example, to follow the latest news, friends’ holiday photos or artists. And even if these apps are not geared towards language learning, they are perfect for it!

There are some Instagram pages that make language learning easier and super fun. On some international accounts, you will not only find everyday tips to learn the language but also learn the colloquialisms and idioms of native speakers.

For lots of new tips and tricks in Spanish, we would like to recommend a few Instagram accounts:



This Instagram account is particularly entertaining and fun to follow! We all know the funny GIFs by now, the colourful, moving picture animations. The @howtospanish account consists of lots of these entertaining GIF videos and teaches you Spanish expressions and phrases in a super fun way! There are also English «subtitles», which can help you understand the different meanings.



We’re particularly fond of this Instagram page. If you want to express yourself like native Spanish speakers, you’ll find this page at least as exciting as we do! On the Instagram page @spanishsays, new posts are published daily under a slogan that has become famous on social media in recent years: «In Spain we don’t say… we say… and I think that’s beautiful!” And we think that’s beautiful!!!



This account provides you with super cute posts and sayings every day to brighten your day and help you practice the double meaning of different phrases and statements. Makes you happy and as well is educating.



For those who like positivity in their lives, we can also highly recommend this account! This page is full of optimism, good vibes, inspiration and provides you with your daily dose of positivity. And of course, it’s all in Spanish! It’s very educational and might make you look at some things from a different perspective.



With this account, you can expand your vocabulary with everyday situations and phrases. The special thing about this site is that it comes up with a mnemonic in English for every new Spanish word. This way you can easily remember the new words added to your vocabulary!



Of course, we cannot forget about our school’s Instagram page, where you can not only find all the news about our School but also learn a lot about vocabulary, Spanish culture and idioms! We’d love to welcome you there as well!


Of course, we wish you lots of fun learning Spanish and hope you enjoy some of these little additions to your daily life.


– Lorena Schloesser.