Learn Spanish at home

Attend your classes online! Learn Spanish at home!

At PROYECTO ESPAÑOl, the well-being of our students is our priority. Therefore, from 16th March 2020, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL has officially made a temporary transition from the classroom to the cloud.
Our teacher explains to you how it works:
How can you connect?
It is super easy! We will send you a link to your email. You can also schedule the classes in your Google Calendar.
Which App are we going to use?
We will use Hangouts, Google App with a lot of advantages. In this way, we guarantee the best experience possible!
Will you receive useful material? and homework? How does this work?
Yes! We will give you access to Google Classroom, a platform -also developed by Google- in which teachers can upload material, schedule workshops and homework and maintain active communication with you and your classmates.

Any questions? 

Send us an email to info@proyecto-es.com or call us to +34652989054!
This is a temporary transition from the classroom to the cloud. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, things will return to normal and we can return to normal lessons at the school!