La opinión de Konstantinas Kurzevas

Lituania. Barcelona


Konstantinas Kurzevas

Konstantinas Kurzevas

I am Konstantinas, 29 years old Lithuanian.

I would like to share with you my experience in studying Spanish and discovering Spanish (and Cataluña) culture in Barcelona.

Studying with Proyecto Español in Kingsbrook Idiomas (Barcelona) school of languages was one of the best experiences ever. Everything was perfectly organized and clear from the very beginning. The communication with coordinator (Loli) from the Proyecto Español was very smooth even thought I had a torrent of questions I got the answers to all of them.

Further I got a room (accommodation) in the very heart of Barcelona (near Plaza de Cataluña). Many must-see places and the school were reachable on foot. The staff in the school were very friendly and helpful! The class was rather small (up to 9 people) and very international this made learning easy and even more interesting.

I don´t have enough words to describe the teacher -; Moha. He was so enthusiastic and skilled to manage the class to keep everybody interested and eager to learn. The time in class just ran by, really! You would think that 4 hours of language classes per day might be a bit steep, but it wasn´t, actually I felt like staying and studying for a few more hours :)

There were also extra curriculum activities organized by the school. During them you are familiarized with history and culture of Barcelona, Spain, you meet people from other classes (groups), perhaps with better knowledge of Spanish :) but always ready to help you and explain things :)

The only bad think was that I couldn´t stay any longer! Next year I hope to return to Spain to study and to enjoy the culture for at least one month.

Once again I would like to thank the team of Proyecto Españolfor making this experience possible.

Very best regards.

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