Taking advantage of the school holidays and going on trips, is quite usual among young people. Lately the purpose of these trips, is going abroad to improve or learn another language in a foreign country. These kinds of programs do not only offer touristic merits, but also the chance to get directly and intensively in contact with a foreign society and its language.

Regarding these kinds of programs, Proyecto Español is a Spanish school that organises language courses in various Spanish cities. Additionally, and even better, is that Proyecto Español takes care of everything, from the very beginning to the very end: a warm greeting and transfer from the airport, then a member of staff will take the student to their carefully selected host family, with whom they will not only share food with, more importantly experience new things with and get to know them by practicing their Spanish.

Moreover, at school they will be participating in different classes making sure they will improve their grammar skills, as well as their communication skills. Our highly qualified teachers will not only attend to them in class, but also go on excursions with them to other cities, show them around in the city where they are situated, take them on other guided tours, show them the typical Spanish-way to do dinner and take them to student parties.

Last, but not least, we will do a proper Spanish good-bye, hoping you have enjoyed your time and new experiences here with us. At the end of the course, each student will receive their very own diploma with the level they have reached and their attendance. In other words, for the parents who have invested in this course, they will be satisfied knowing that their child has had a good time while practicing and improving their Spanish.

To the children, this time spent here with us will surely be an unforgettable time and experience. Proyecto Español has got more than ten years of experience in offering Spanish summer camps to foreigners, and each year the number of groups increases.