Student Diversity and Student Diversity Events

We at Proyecto Español believe in exploring cultural distinctions in a healthy, safe, and supportive setting to ensure that people genuinely value one another’s differences; it entails understanding one another by going beyond basic tolerance. This enables us to positively value diversity in our school and community while also embracing and celebrating the various qualities that each person possesses from their cultures.


We value inclusion and make an organizational effort to push it forward. Different groups and individuals coming from various backgrounds are culturally and socially accepted and welcomed. At Proyecto Español we consistently organize events where students from all over the world can connect, get to know each other’s backgrounds, have a little chat, and practice Spanish at the same time!


Through experiences such as exchange evenings at a bar or restaurant every week and Zumba and Salsa classes where students make long-lasting connections. Every two to three weeks there are cooking classes to immerse yourself in Spanish Cuisine. Every Saturday there are various activities such as excursions to culturally significant places in and around Alicante as well as different cities as well as more community-focused such as visits to dog shelters. Of course, we value high-quality education and that is why we also organize outdoor classes by the beach, where students can have fun, play volleyball, and do other activities, bond, and learn Spanish simultaneously. 

Water conservation measures and policies

The faculties of Proyecto Español enlist diverse efforts and policies for water conservation. Our buildings are equipped with aerator faucets instead of the traditional manual tap since people often forget to close the water flow while brushing their teeth or washing hands, producing a considerable waste of water. Through this we ensure the conservation of water, albeit small, it is something that produces a long-term contribution towards water preservation. 

To reduce the energy and water costs in the apartments we provide our students, we make sure to sublet well-built apartments that have good insulation. In a location such as Alicante, which is the sunniest city in all Europe and is always warm, this is very good since the temperatures can become quite hot, particularly in the summer! By taking these measures, the residents won’t get discomforted by the heat and won’t require an air conditioner, which would add to the electricity and water usage. 

Within our residences and school faculties, we make use of electrical boilers instead of the more common gas boilers, reducing the usage of natural gas and providing a better budget for the organization. 

In our classrooms, we use whiteboards and equip our staff with refillable markers, reducing our single-use plastic consumption. In this way, we remain loyal to our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the planet.


Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Proyecto Español has implemented several environmental sustainability initiatives. These include energy-efficient lighting systems in our facilities, a recycling program for paper and plastic waste, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. These initiatives aim to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint and promote environmental responsibility.

Well-Being and Development Programs

Beyond the environment, Proyecto Español also prioritizes the well-being and professional development of its staff and students by offering wellness programs which include yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, and free meditation classes from time to time which promote the mental and physical health of those who participate in them. On top of this, the employees of the school are granted access to the language courses and workshops of the school so that they can enhance their personal and professional skills and career growth.


Community Engagement and Impact

Proyecto Español actively works with the local community of Alicante. We organize volunteering opportunities for our employees as well as our students, such as trips to animal shelters for aid as well as the possibility of adoption. Furthermore, the organization collaborates with the local schools and community centres in Alicante. All of these activities are sustainable and enhance the community, both foreign and local.


Ethical Supply Chain Practices

Proyecto Español is committed to ethical sourcing and supplier relations. We ensure our suppliers adhere to fair labour practices as well as sustainable environmental standards. Most importantly, the school reduces the emissions significantly from cars and buses by providing accommodation very close to the school, making it so the students do not travel by public or personal transportation to the school and simply walk for several minutes through the lovely streets of Alicante! 

Charitable Giving or Pro Bono Services

Proyecto Español supports various charitable organizations; one of the most recent ones being “Lola Busca Nueva Imagen”. When the war between Ukraine and Russia started, we gave out free courses for Ukrainian students and after several months we had a 20% discount for all Ukrainian students!


– Monica Sahakyan.