Courses for families

Who is this program directed at?

This course was created so that parents have the opportunity to study Spanish at the same time as their children during the summer holidays. Adults can participate in any general Spanish course at any level and children from 12 to 17 can participate in our Spanish Summer Camp (the option to take English classes is also available). Parents and children study at the same school!

Accommodation for families

The options of accommodation for families are apartments or host families. If you wish to stay at a hostel or a hotel, we can also provide you with some recommendations. This course can be booked without accommodation.

Programme for families

During SUMMER (July and August)

  • Start every Monday
  • All levels are available


  • 15 lessons of Spanish per week (09.00-12.00) OR 25 lessons of Spanish per week (09.00 – 14.00)
  • Optional social activity program during the afternoons
  • Optional weekend excursions


  • 20 lessons of Spanish per week, in the morning for children in SUMMER CAMP (09.00-13.00) (classes can be in Spanish or English)
  • 5 afternoon activities with native Spanish children
  • 1 full day excursion at the weekend (parents can also participate)

Family Programme Prices

1 week 2 week
1 Adult + 1 Teenager: 899 EUR 1657 EUR
2 Adults + 1 Teenager: 1248 EUR 2265 EUR
2 Adults + 2 Teenagers: 1798 EUR 3314 EUR

Rest of the year

During the rest of the year adults can participate in any general Spanish course and children can do a tailor-made course. Don’t hesitate to request a personalised quote if you wish to visit outside Alicante outside of the summer months with your family or if you have children younger than 12.

To calculate the total price of your family’s holiday please, please contact us indicating:

  • How many adults are travelling
  • How many children are travelling and their ages
  • Do you need accommodation? What type of accommodation would you prefer?

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