Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

Prior to enrolment, students will need to ensure that there are no restrictions that will affect their participation in the language course Spain. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply from the moment that the student has confirmed the booking of a course (and/or accommodation). A program is formalised at the time of receiving written confirmation from PROYECTO ESPAÑOL. Students accept the conditions and form of payment of PROYECTO ESPAÑOL, as well as the rules and guarantees of our Spanish language school for foreigners.

  1. AGE. The minimum age for participating in our program for an adult is 17 years old and 12 years old for the Summer Camp Program. Any exceptions to this condition must be agreed upon.
  2. PAYMENT. The payment of the registration fee (60 EUR) is required in order to confirm the booking of a program. This amount will be deducted from the total cost of the program. The rest of the payment must be received no later than three weeks before the start date of the program. Payments can be made by bank transfer or by credit card. If the booking is last minute, students must pay the total cost of the program at the time of enrollment. If the study program is not available, the total of the program will be reimbursed.
  3. COURSES AND SCHEDULES. In the case that, at the beginning of the booked course, there is not a minimum of three students required to teach it, the school could modify the course taking into account the teaching objectives, by offering individual courses or reducing the number of hours of the course. Course schedules vary, being in the morning or in the afternoon, the same schedule cannot be guaranteed for the entire duration of the course.
  4. ACCOMMODATION. Referring to accommodation in the apartments there are some basic behavioural rules. Parties in the apartment are not allowed. You must respect your neighbours and not disturb them between 11 pm and 8 am. Students must maintain the order and cleanliness of their room and common areas. It is completely prohibited to have guests sleep in your room, on the sofa or in the common areas. In the case that the student causes any damage to the apartment, he/she must tell the school immediately. If on arrival to the apartment you find any damage caused by previous occupants and he/she does not notify the school on the first day of class, he/she will be charged the expense of the repair. In the case that none of the occupants is responsible, the cost will be divided between all of them. In extreme cases of non-compliance, the school can expel a student without a refund. In the case of having accommodation with a host family, students must adapt to the customs and traditions of the host country as well as those of the host family. The student must communicate in advance the approximate time of their arrival to the house so that the family know when to expect him/her. In the case where no communication is made, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL cannot promise to ensure that the family will be waiting for them upon their arrival.
  5. CANCELATIONS AND REIMBURSEMENTS. To cancel a course or a stay, the student will need to notify the school at least 3 weeks in advance so that PROYECTO ESPAÑOL can reimburse the total cost of the program except for the registration fee and non-refundable charges (bank costs). In the event where this does not happen, the school will deduct from the amount to be refunded, 2 weeks’ worth of courses, accommodation, the registration fee and non-refundable charges. Cancellations are only valid by email, to the following address: info@proyecto-es.com. These conditions apply to any program in any of our 4 cities. There are no price reductions in courses or accommodation for starting or finishing mid-week, nor for local or national holidays where there is no class. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm the festive days and holidays in each city on our website, as well as the start dates of courses, in some cases. Students with visas must consult the visa section.
  6. CHANGES DURING THE PROGRAM. As a general rule, the student cannot take breaks in the middle of a contracted course. To request a break, the student needs to notify the school by email at info@proyecto-es.com 3 weeks in advance so that PROYECTO ESPAÑOL can confirm or deny the said request. In the case that the student has accommodation provided by the school, the cost of the weeks where it is not in use will not be returned for holidays or absences.
  7. PRIVATE CLASSES. Private classes are always paid for in advance. In the event of the cancellation of a class, it would be best if the student notified the school at least 24 hours in advance by email at info@proyecto-es.com. The cancellation of a private class on the day that it is scheduled results in the loss of a class and will be non-refundable.
  8. CERTIFICATE. In order to receive the certificate of assistance, the student is required to attend at least 80% of classes. This certificate includes the type of course, the hours of attendance and the level reached. This certificate is not valid as an official document in accordance with the legislation of non-regulated education.
  9. TRANSFER. Flight information, including arrival time, flight number, the airline and the departure destination must be communicated 7 days before the arrival date so that PROYECTO ESPAÑOL can provide transport from the airport. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL is not responsible for the collection of students who do not provide their travel details beforehand. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 7 days before the transfer date by email at info@proyecto-esp.com. In the case of flight cancellations or delays, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL does not take responsibility if this information is not communicated to the school and the student will not have the right to a refund. Even if the transportation service of PROYECTO ESPAÑOL is not required, the participant must always inform the details of their arrival at least 7 days before arrival.
  10. INSURANCE. The student must be fully insured and responsible for having the correct travel documents, travel insurance, and medical insurance. Any non-incompliance, as well as damages, is solely the responsibility of the student. The amount paid for the course does not include any type of insurance.
  11. RESPONSIBILITY. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL is not responsible for any loss, damage or injuries to the persons or property caused by the student. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL is not responsible for the personal objects left behind at the school, student apartments, homes of the host families or extra-curricular activities. In extreme cases of misconduct or breaking the law, the school reserves the right to expel the student. In these cases, any fee owed back to the student will not be returned. 
  12. LEVEL TEST. The student is responsible for ensuring that PROYECTO ESPAÑOL receives the level test no later than 1 week before the start of their course, without the help of additional materials or another person. If not, we cannot guarantee the correct level classification or changes to another group once the course has started.
  13. VISA. The student is responsible for consulting the Visa requirements needed to enter Spain at their embassy. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will provide all the certificates and documents necessary for the Visa to be processed if the student requires so, including confirmation of the course, a bill of the total cost of the course, an invitation card and a course program. In the case where the student needs the original documents, the courier costs will be charged to the student. In the case where the student does not obtain a Visa, the student will have to send the original copy of the denial of visa letter to the school in order to receive the refund of the amount they have paid for the course. The course start date can be modified if a resolution of the visa has not been received, and when it is, the student can send it to info@proyecto-es.com. Once a Visa is obtained to participate in a course, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will not accept cancellations, modifications or timetable reductions. Point 5 shall apply in any case. In the case of registration for a course to extend a study stay permit in Spain, the starting dates of the course cannot be changed until the decision of the immigration authorities has been issued. In case of refusal, the corresponding terms and conditions apply. If the visa application is rejected, we will need the document which denies the student visa. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will proceed to refund the full amount of the course minus 210 euros for administration costs.
  14. ADVERTISING. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL can take promotional photographs and videos of students. If students do not wish to participate, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will respect their wishes. They should send a notification by email at info@proyecto-es.com.


Legal advise:

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