Spanish Course for teachers with ERASMUS +

Are you a teacher or working in an educational institute? Would you like to improve your Spanish with native speakers? To meet people from different cultures? Or simply enjoy the vibrant life that Spain has to offer? If so, we ask for your company to request ERASMUS + funds and to join a Spanish course for teachers with PROYECTO ESPAÑOL.

  • With our Spanish courses for teachers, you will improve your linguistic abilities and teaching techniques.
  • We are formed by Spanish teachers.
  • We will help you define and complete your project.
  • We have a high level of experiences with European programmes.


Erasmus + is an educational programme, training the young of the EU to improve the abilities and employability of these workers. Between 2014 and 2020, the programme offered the opportunity to study abroad, in shaping their work and voluntary experiences, to over 4 million European citizens. Since 2014, the programme has formed a teacher training course which has been framed up to date within the Lifelong Learning Programme (Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig y Sócrates).

Who can opt for an ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIP?

Schools can apply for mobility scholarships to boost their professions such as teachers, directors and any other personal needs. The programme is open to private or public educational organisations, such as schools, universities and colleges within the EU, and the AELC (Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway).

  • Teacher holidays within the foreign centres
  • Formative programmes within the foreign centres, including structured courses, training events and assistant programmes which is observed in a associated school.

In this programme, many teachers are able to participate, who are dedicated to the teaching of Spanish, as well as teachers of other subjects, who want to improve their knowledge of Spanish. For example, who want to impart information to the classes in this language.

The application process for an ERASMUS + Scholarship

Applications have to be done through your institution. It is necessary to ask the coordinator of the school or the person responsible to format your personal information to apply. It is fundamental that they are registered within the Ministry of Education.

Ask the person in charge of the application to put PROYECTO ESPAÑOL on the form as the welcoming organisation that includes Erasmus + PIC número- 947084236.

At the end of the Spanish course for the teachers, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will help you complete the Europass mobility document.


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