Pack DELE - Courses + Exam

The Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official certificates that prove the level of competence and mastery of Spanish, issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

At PROYECTO ESPAÑOL you can prepare for these exams with the help of our teachers who are specially trained with the ELE courses of the Instituto Cervantes.

Be among the 93% of our students who pass the exam!

Pack DELE: Courses + Exam

Choose the date on which you would like to take the exam and book a 4-week Dele preparation course with us!

4 weeks DELE preparation course + exam A1 = 968 EUR

4 weeks DELE preparation course + exam A2= 990 EUR

4 weeks DELE preparation course + exam B1 = 1.020 EUR

4 weeks DELE preparation course + exam B2 = 1.050 EUR

4 semaines de cours de préparation au DELE + examen C1 = 1.065 EUR

Save up to 60 EUR!

Our DELE preparation course

The course consists of 6 hours per day.

In the first part of 5 hours, you will practice grammatical concepts, vocabulary and communicative functions as well as oral interaction, conversation and cultural aspects from a practical point of view.

In the second part, one hour of group lessons with a maximum of 5 students, you will deepen the structure and work with the different contents of the exam :

  • Compréhension écrite
  • Written expression
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Expression orale

We have a lot of up-to-date material, so you can practice in class or at home. In addition, many of our teachers are official DELE examiners, so you will feel right at home during the exam!

**Offer only valid in the schools of Alicante and Granada.