Visa, EU long-term student stay and its extension.

Spain is noted for being a great destination, not only for tourism, but also, as a place to expand or start your education, with various possibilities of obtaining a long or short term EU residence. For this reason, as well as for the education on offer at our centres accredited by Cervantes Institute, many international students decide to study with us.

We help you with the VISA, the EU LONG-TERM STUDENT STAY, and its EXTENSION



Our school is accredited by the Cervantes Institute, so usually our students don’t have problems getting the necessary study VISA for the duration of their course at our Spanish language school.

It is important that you look up the requirements for student visas for Spain at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate before registering, as these may change slightly depending on the consulate and the current political situation.

When you are certain that you meet the Spanish government’s entry requirements, you can proceed onto the following steps:


  1. Register yourself on our webpage (please remember to complete all the spaces and where it says ‘comments’, please write your passport number)
  2. We will send you the confirmation about your course in no more than 2 working days via email which will include the deadline by which you must pay for the course.
  3. You will need to transfer the money to the school.
  4. When we receive your payment we will send you an invitation letter and a confirmation letter of your payment by both email and post.
  5. You can now inquire or reserve an appointment with the consulate for the process regarding your visa as a student, using these three documents (the confirmation letter, the invitation letter, and the confirmation of your payment) along with the other personal documents that the consulate will ask you for.
Things to consider
The student is responsible for consulting the Visa requirements needed to enter Spain at their embassy. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will provide all the certificates and documents necessary for the Visa to be processed if the student requires so, including confirmation of the course, a bill of the total cost of the course, an invitation card and a course program. In the case where the student needs the original documents, the courier costs will be charged to the student. In the case where the student does not obtain a Visa, the student will have to send the original copy of the denial of visa letter to the school in order to receive a refund of the amount they have paid for the course. The course start date can be modified if a resolution of the visa has not been received, and when it is, the student can send it to Once a Visa is obtained to participate in a course, PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will not accept cancellations, modifications or timetable reductions. Point 5 shall apply in any case. In the case of registration for a course to extend a study stay permit in Spain, the starting dates of the course cannot be changed until the decision of the immigration authorities has been issued. In case of refusal, the related terms and conditions apply. If the visa application is rejected, we will need the document which denies the student visa. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL will proceed to refund the full amount of the course minus 210 euros for administration costs.
Visa regulations, fraud, and cancellation policies imposed on us by third-party providers require us to enforce the cancellation policies strictly as stated on this page. In order to avoid financial loss, we highly recommend that clients protect themselves by taking out travel insurance that covers cancellation charges.


The other option available to international students is to start the application process for their study permit directly from Spain, provided that they are there legally. In other words, you could arrive in Spain with a 90-day tourist VISA, and you would have 60 days to apply for your legal student stay. This can be done in person at the Foreigners' Offices and/or, due to COVID-19, online using the legal platforms that are made available for foreign processes. However, we insist that you contact our centers before arriving in Spain, or visit us directly in the first days of your arrival in order to receive the complete information and legal consultation that we offer to our students, without any obligation. 


Things to consider

If you decide to process your student stay directly from Spain, we recommend that you arrange to get a Criminal Record Check with the Hague Apostille in your home country, otherwise you will have to apply for it on arrival at your Consulate, which could delay the procedure and ultimately hinder the process.




Have you completed your first academic year and want to apply for an extension of your stay for study purposes? Our students will also be guided through this renewal process by professional experts in the field. 


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