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To be safe in your stay in Spain is important for us to remind you that you need to have valid insurance for Spain. You have several options:

If you are resident in the EU you can extend your medical insurance asking to the competent institutions for the European health card. If you have private insurance you can ask them if you are covered in Spain and if not you can extend it.

If you are not resident in the EU you do need private health insurance to cover any eventuality you might have during your stay in Spain.

We recommend you this insurance administrated by

Insurance Cover:

In order to Study abroad or complete an internship abroad, you are required a sufficient insurance cover. PROYECTO ESPAÑOL offers an insurance package that is recognised and accepted by most of the Consulates around the world, although we ask you to double-check it when setting the appointment with the Consulate.

You may already be insured through your family. Please check with your parents to see if the insurance is adequate.

The Outbound Insurance can be booked as one of three different packages and includes the following services:

  • Health Insurance
  • Public Liability, Accident and Baggage Insurance

Both insurance packages can be booked together for merely € 12,00 a week.

Information about the insurance cover:

Travel Health Insurance:

As you will be abroad for an extended period of time it is extremely important that you have adequate insurance cover. A change of climate, unfamiliar food or an accident can all mean a trip to the doctor. With travel insurance, you can be treated as a private patient. This is very important as most public health insurance doesn’t have sufficient cover. We recommend that all interns (even within Europe) book this Travel Insurance. It can be booked for stays up to a year and offers exceptional value for money.

Liability Insurance:

If damages are made they must be paid for. A little lapse of concentration, unfortunate circumstances and the damage may already be in the millions.

Accident Insurance:

Accident insurance provides financial assistance for disability caused by an accident. The statutory provision is not adequate. With this insurance, you are covered anywhere in the world anytime.


*Please note none of the insurances is refundable when paid. Starting date can be delayed if advising the insurance company prior to the starting date at least 2 weeks.


If you have any question, we will be glad to help you. Please write us an email to

About is among the world's largest insurance providers in international education, protecting thousands of individuals studying and working abroad.

Founded in 1998 and incorporated in Canada as Travel Healthcare Insurance Solutions Inc., is a full-service managing general underwriter. That means all aspects of our plans — from enrollments to claims adjudication — are created and administered in-house by us.

As the insurer of choice for private and public universities and colleges, language schools and school boards, is trusted by over 400 partner agents, organizations and educational institutions globally. is an ISO 9001:2008-registered company, meaning we have certified quality assurance practices and procedures built into every stage of our operations. For example, we are committed to maintaining the fastest and most reliable fulfilment in the industry, with the turnaround on enrollments within 24 hours and card production within 48 hours. For claims, turnaround is typically seven days or less through our secure online claims submission and tracking system.

In addition to our 24/7 telephone contact centre support, has administrative offices in strategic locations worldwide, including Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Latin America.

Many senior management and staff members of began their careers in international education. We understand the needs of students and educators, and our objective is to make the insurance process smooth, efficient and worry-free for everyone.

Section Sub-Section Benefit Amount / Limit of Indemnity* Excess
1. Medical Emergency medical & repatriation expenses
Hospital confinement benefit
Emergency dental treatment
Funeral expenses
i. £/€10,000,000
ii. £/€100 (£/€20/24 hrs)
iii. £/€150
iii. £/€2,000
2. Personal Accident   £/€25,000 NIL
3. Cancellation Cancellation as a result of serious illness, death or
£/€7,500 NIL
4. Curtailment   £/€7,500 NIL
5. Travel Delay Benefit Travel delay benefit
Abandonment / Disruption / Missed departure
i. £/€280 (£/€20/12 hrs)
ii. £/€ 7,500
6. Personal Items i. Personal effects / Possessions
ii. Single item limit
iii. Valuables
iv. Personal Money
v. Replacement documents
i. £/€2,000
ii. £/€250
iii. £/€250
iv. £/€250
v. £/€250
7. Luggage Delay   £/€100 (after 12 hrs) NIL
8. Personal Liability   £/€2,000,000 NIL

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