Day Camps Kids and Teens

Spanish Day Camps for Kids and Teens in Alicante

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General Course Information

Our Day Camps are the result of combining academic content with fun. The didactic planning has been designed by our academic team and guarantees the high-quality standards of our academy.

  • Modality: Available face-to-face 
  • Levels: All levels welcome for face-to-face classes
  • Payment: Fees are due weekly. You can choose the weeks you prefer.
  • Start: The first available week starting on Monday, July 1st.

Available only in Alicante.


City Day Camp Kids 

  • Ages: 6 to 12 years

  • Schedule: 9 AM to 1 PM from Monday to Friday

  • Months: July and August

  • Theme: Different countries and cultures.

  • Price: €125/week, €100/extra week

  • Activities: Each week at City Day Camp, we will take a trip around the world, discovering countries and cultures through various activities and Spanish classes.

Social Media Day Camp Teens 

  • Ages: 12 to 16 years

  • Schedule: 9 AM to 1 PM from Monday to Friday

  • Months: July and August

  • Theme: Social Media.

  • Price: €125/week, €100/extra week

  • Activities: We have developed activities and classes around Social Media theme, a highly motivating topic for young people that will help them boost their Spanish skills.

Course Goals

  • Experience an international environment without leaving the city.
  • Overcome fear and feel confident speaking Spanish.
  • Significantly increase Spanish vocabulary.
  • Internalize the language naturally.
  • Improve listening comprehension and achieve fluency in the language.
  • Enjoy a different summer!

Why Choose Proyecto Español?

  • Since 1998, we've welcomed students from over 30 countries, bringing a wealth of experience to our teaching.

  • Our instructors are not only native speakers but also hold degrees in philology and have specialized training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, backed by years of experience.

  • We are an official examination center for the DELE exams and have a success rate of over 90%.


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