La opinión de Martyn Yeoman

North Yorkshire, Reino Unido. Alicante


Martyn Yeoman

With regard to the classes and the school, again this has been really good and I really enjoyed meeting many different people from around the world.

Both in lessons and the evening activities and I particularly enjoyed the "intercambio" activity each week! These activities I have felt have really improved my speaking listening and understanding of Spanish greatly. With regard to the two daily classes, I really preferred and enjoyed the conversation and culture one, which was the second class of the day as the teacher showed real enthusiasm and brought real fun to the lessons doing such a range of different activities which I feel is impressive, since we were all from different nationalities and all at different points of Spanish understanding. The first class was the grammar one, which I know is a little boring. but essential for learning, however I felt at times we were talked at a lot, and as a teacher myself there could have been more ways to learn this, than just through the textbook and the associated activities as we seemed to just listen a lot to her talking about the verbs, grammar, conjugation, etc. Finally, thank you so much for all your help and support and accommodating me for the few extra days following the completion of my 2 weeks course with you.

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