Gap Year Program

Thinking about on-boarding in a life-changing adventure?
Step out of your comfort zone and learn Spanish with us!

Reasons to embark with us

  • You will become a confident and fluent Spanish speaker.
  • You will learn different ways to understand life, thanks to sharing your time with natives and people from all around the world.
  • You will gain independent and maturity.
  • In case you do not know what to do next, this experience will give you clues to understand what you really want for your career in the future and also from life.
  • You will make new friends easily in a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere.
We help you to obtain or renew your visa
We find you a place where you feel at home
We take care of you from start to finish
We make sure that you are safe in your stay


Our schools are located in four of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Spain. Would you like to say in all of them? We make it easy for you! Choose a multi-destination year!


Our long-term courses

Our long-term courses are aimed at students who can spend an extended time learning Spanish in Spain. They have all a minimum duration of 12 weeks, except of the Semester Standard Course, which has a minimum duration of 25.

We offer five different types:

Long-term Standard Course: This course takes into account grammar practice, vocabulary and oral skills; has a minimum duration of 12 weeks and it is offered in Alicante (15hrs/week), Granada (15hrs/week), Madrid (10hrs/week) and Barcelona (15hrs/week).
Long-term Intense Course: This course is perfect for those who want to learn Spanish a little bit faster. It has a minimum duration of 12 weeks and it is offered in Alicante (25hrs/week), Granada (25hrs/week), Madrid (20hrs/week) and Barcelona (20hrs/week).
Long-term Super Intensive Course: This course is super-good for those who need or want to learn Spanish as soon as possible. Apart from the daily classes, the students will have an additional hour per day of individual tuition with a native teacher. It has a minimum duration of 12 weeks and it is offered in Alicante (25+5hrs/week), Granada (25+5hrs/week), Madrid (20+5hrs/week) and Barcelona (20+5hrs/week).
Long-term Conversation Course: This course is primarily oriented towards the development of the oral competences in Spanish. It has a minimum duration of 12 weeks and it is offered in Alicante and Granada (10hrs/week).
Semester Standard Course: This course has a minimum duration of 25 weeks and combines grammar content, written language skills as well as oral language skills. It is offered in Barcelona (15hrs/week).

Get your DELE/SIELE certificate

PROYECTO ESPAÑOL issues a free diploma to prove the level of Spanish achieved and the number of hours done. However, if you want or need an official certificate, you can prepare with us the official certificate DELE or the official certificate SIELE, both given by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

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Internship options

Having an internship is a perfect idea if you want to get international work experience while you learn spanish and inmerse in the Spanish culture. You can do it at PROYECTO ESPAÑOL or in other sectors such as law, architecture, gastronomy, electronics, tourism, transport and much more.

Internship at Proyecto Español

At PROYECTO ESPAÑOL we have these positions available: English assistant, German assistant, Front Desk, Marketing, Assistent Summer Camp, person in charge of the cafe, person in charge for the Social Programme and video production.

You can start any monday of the year (excluding August).


  • Minimum age: 17
  • Duration: A minimun of 12 weeks.
  • Only for students from European universities interested in the educational sector and with internship permission of their university.
  • If you have level B2 or lower you will have to take part in an intensive Spanish course of at least 4 weeks and after that your internship for at least 12 weeks.
  • If you have level B2 or higher you can start directly with your internship of at least 12 weeks.

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Internship in Spain

Through our internship agency you can gain work experience in sectors such a such as law, architecture, gastronomy, electronics, tourism, transport and much more.  You can start any monday of the year (excluding August).


    • Minimum age: 17 • Duration: A minimun of 10 weeks. • Intermediate level of Spanish • It is not necessary to have work experience in the requested sector in order to be accepted into the internship program; however it will always be seen as positive by the company that receives your application. • Nationality: only for participants of the EU and Switzerland. Other nationalities on request. • The registration period is 2-3 months before the start date of the program.

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We offer two different types of accommodation:

  • Stay with a host family: This is the perfect choice if you want to have an authentic experience. The families we work will take you into the family as if you would belong to it, so we guarantee the best stay possible! You can choose between full board which includes all the meals or half pension which includes the following: breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner.
  • Stay in shared apartments:If you want more independence, we recommend you to choose this option. All the apartments are completely furnished, so that the moment you arrive in your new place, you will have everything you need already there, apart from groceries of course. Just keep in mind that you have to bring your own bed sheets and towels.

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Activities and excursions

We want you to enjoy your journey. That´s why in each of our schools we have multiples activities that allows you to get to know the life and culture of the country.

We organize cinema evenings, cooking courses, visits to the monuments and typical places of the area, dancing classes, visits to museums and exhibitions and many more, depending on the city you choose.


We offer the transfer service either from the Airport or the train/bus station. As you leave the plane/train and reach the terminal someone from the school with your name on a sign will be waiting for you.

The driver will drop you off at the door of your accommodation.


Prices One way/One passenger
Alicante – Valencia 40 euros
Granada – Málaga 140 euros
Madrid 60 euros
Barcelona 80 euros

Obtain or renew your visa

We can help you with obtaining or renewing your visa to study in Spain. Our school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, and therefore our students normally do not have any problems.

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Travel Insurance

To be safe in your stay it is necessary to have a valid insurance for Spain.

  • If you are resident in the EU you can extend your medical insurance asking to the competent institutions for the European health card. If you have a private insurance you can ask them if you are covered in Spain and if not you can extend it.
  • If you are not resident in the EU you do need a private health insurance to cover any eventuality you might have during your stay in Spain.

We recommend you an insurance administrated by For more information, please click here

Any questions?